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Our client resources allow you access to our team’s unique perspective on market trends, as well as tools for planning for the future.


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Here are some downloadable resources you might find useful

Head Investment Strategies

We distill our years of experience investing into useful and easy to read releases for you!

Demotech Papers

Financial advice from Demotech.

Advanced Planning

At Head Investment Partners, our job is to help you build and maintain your wealth. Safeguarding your wealth takes advanced planning that properly aligns with your investment goals.

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What are your fees?

Our team’s fees vary based on the assets and strategies utilized. While some solutions will involve third-party managers — including mutual funds and ETFs with their own internal fee structures — we manage others in-house, so there is only one layer of fees.

How often can I expect to hear from you?

Our team customizes our communication to your needs.  Face to face meetings are typically quarterly or semi-annually, but can be adjusted at your request.  Likewise, we welcome your call any time.

I’m busy and don’t have time to manage my account. How do you manage it?

Nearly all of our account relationships are managed on a discretionary basis.  Once we have a mutual agreement on your objectives and what tools/models we will be using to meet them, we manage the assets from that point.  This allows us to execute the day-to-day tasks without having to contact you for every trade.  Consequently, our time spent together can more be focused on planning, life changes, and overall results.  We welcome your questions/feedback at any point along the way.

Can I pick my own stocks or trade online?

We do welcome your feedback on stock ideas and have a few clients who enjoy picking stocks.  While available to trade on-line, most clients prefer to use us as a sounding board before pulling the trigger.

I’m not familiar with your company. Who actually holds my account?

Your account custodian will be TD Ameritrade through their institutional platform.  You can access your accounts anytime at

Can you work with people out of state?

We work with clients all across the country, most often stemming from people who have moved and those referred by satisfied clients.

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